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Wedding in Santorini

A dream can come true


One great thing about getting married in Santorini, Greece is the fact that you can do your wedding almost everywhere, and choose your location, legally and have your wedding ceremony on the beach, in a cave, at one of the Santorini’s traditional wineries or anywhere else, provided that you have the approval of the mayor, and of course according to your personal taste and your religious preference need to be taken into consideration.

Moreover, Santorini offers a wide selection of beautiful areas where you and your partner can just exchange your vows. Having a breathtaking views will definitely have a romantic and dreamy wedding.

Selecting a perfect location for your wedding ceremony and reception can be very challenging as there are many perfect places you can choose from, where you’ll have a memorable experience. Popular places for a wedding in Santorini is the Caldera, which offers a panoramic and breathtaking views as well as a magnificent sunset.

The Agia Eirini mainly known as the Saint Irini, is one particular chapel in Caldera, ideal for a romantic exchange of vows, having the sunset as a backdrop of your wedding, of course there are many others to choose from.

You can have a unique and fun wedding entrance by arriving at the ceremony on a donkey.

You can choose to have your wedding during fall season, when the weather is hot and it’s not so crowded, or during the months of May till October which are also great Greek Wedding since all function island centers in Santorini are open.

Most of the weddings in Santorini are performed in the evening, mainly around 6 pm or later, helping to avoid the excruciating heat. Keep your clothing and shoes simple, as you simple cannot wear high heals (for the ladies) when you considering a beach wedding.

For a wedding in Santorini, Greece, you have to dedicate at least a 6-month period to arrange your wedding . These months should include your preparation for the necessary legal documentation such as birth certificates, registration certificates, etc. You should ensure that necessary documentation will be issued in time for your wedding date to avoid any inconveniences.


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