Venues in Greece

Greece offers numerous ideas on where to set your conference or event!

A cruiseship: Vessels available can fit from 20 to 800 people. A day or a multiday cruise can be suggested depending on the company or organization needs. Of course a proper itinerary is being prepared for all participants, taking into consideration the specificalties, requests, conference needs etc. 

Open Air Venue: 'The Sky is the limit' - this is what we perch when it comes to ideas on open air spaces for a conference, a meeting or an event in Greece! Imagine your company staff siting around a circle in the ground, discussing business opportunities among the trees in the fresh air while enjoying a Greek herbal tea! This is our ideal braindstorming procedure!

Classic BuildingIn Classical Buildings, such as the National Gallery, Pantios University Hall, Archaeological Institute, Athens Concert Hall, Planetarium. A great conference can also take place to Zappion Megaron where number events have taken place. 

Hotel's conference roomsHotel Conference or Meeting rooms from 50 to 2.000 persons in Athens, on the Athenian (Attica) Coasts or on the Greek Islands. Greece has many conference hotels spread around the country. To chose a city out of Athens, could help the participants/ atendees have a better experience in terms of concentration, more quality free time close to nature, a better get-together prespective.

Beach Bar: Numerous beach bars are located in almost all beaches around the country. Choose one according to your music preferances, the spirit & vibes of the island, the space available on private or shared. If you cannot choose, let us do it for you!

On the beach:Choose a beach side to make your conference or venue unforgettable. Either to mainland Greece or to the islands, the entire country, has beaches to offer! Especially events during summer season is very common to be taking place on the sand! ask our experienced staff and we will find the best beach, the ideal set & time of the day to operate your event.