About Us & Greece

BETIS TRAVEL is a Greek D.M.C. We have representatives all over the country, covering every part of Greece. We have maintained a steady presence in the world market since 1975.
Our main concern is to offer always a high level of travel and tourism services whether travelers are looking for a meaningful time with their loved ones or the chance to reconnect with themselves or to meet fascinating people with different stories to tell.

We offer journeys that get you under the skin of the place you’re visiting, and connect you with local people in order to experience the Greek culture.We are always here to remind that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

In addition, we have three sister hotels in the city center- the ACROPOLIS AMI BOUTIQUE HOTEL, the ACROPOLIS MUSEUM BOUTIQUE HOTEL and the ACROPOLIAN SPIRIT HOTEL where we would be glad to host you during your stay in Athens.


Island hopping itineraries to more than 20 Greek islands - Once in a lifetime experiences - Tailor made itineraries in mainland Greece -Special interest trips ( Religious tours, adventure trips, Wine routes, Art-Theatre and culture tours) - Weddings, vow renewals, birthday parties, bachelor trips, special events - Honeymoon special tours- M.I.C.E. -Educational trips for schools, universities etc - Sailing around Greece- Cruise around the Aegean Sea in Greece and Turkey


Our mission is to plan trips in Greece and let them be transformed to beautiful emotions. Friendship, familiarity, warmth, wellness, trust, ethos , quality - a few hints to describe our passion. A highly independent and progressive tour operator, with a great vision aiming to make travelers feel that their trip is an investment to themselves.

Visitors always want to see what’s around the corner, over the next hill. And that’s what we do — we introduce guests to a destination in a way that they experience it in full. We’ll give them the perspective to feel like they’re not just visiting a place, they’re a part of it.

Our experienced staff listens to their interests, share their advice, and then handcraft a personalized itinerary based on what travellers’ want! The most important thing is that we will be at their disposal whenever they need us, to confirm that they will not encounter any problems during the trip. Our team works with them until they’re satisfied with every detail. We look after them every step of the way and jumping in to resolve any mid-trip issues before they even know they’ve come up.We pride ourselves in consistently exceeding expectations, both in the planning and execution of each handcrafted trip.


This country combines it all. Lakes, mountains, rivers, crystal blue waters and sunny skies.. What more to ask?

Greece is a spot really on the world map.Εven if it has has more than 1200 islands, only 166 of these are inhabited!Split in 13different prefectures, the entire country has mostly warm weather.

Islands of Greece can be easily reached by sea and air. During Summer season many different ferry connections are available to almost all the islands and there are also ferry connections with Turkey and Italy. Ferries run normally from/to islands April to October, however depending on weather conditions March and November can also be in the plan. Flights run year round especially to the main islands. Ideal period to visit on summer holiday is May to October June-July-august are the busiest months especially to the islands September and October are still warm months, not that busy, rates are lower. Ideal period to visit on winter holiday is December to March. Snowfall to snow-resorts normally starts on mid February.

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